Banana Breakfast Cookies (recipe)

Today my women’s small group got together to assemble a gift basket and bake some freezer breakfasts for a single mom from our church. We made egg muffins and breakfast cookies, both of which freeze really well and can be heated up and eaten in the car. I thought I’d share here my recipe for the cookies. My kids love them and they are very filling and healthy. These are, unfortunately, not THM friendly, but perfect for growing kids and hungry husbands!


2 brown bananas

1/4 cup melted butter or coconut oil

2 tablespoons nut butter

1/3 cup maple syrup

1 egg

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon golden flax meal

1 cup finely ground oats (oat flour) or almond flour

1 1/2 cup oats

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup walnuts or dried cranberries


1. Preheat oven to 350. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2. Mash bananas. Blend in coconut oil, nut butter, maple syrup, egg, baking soda, vanilla, and flax. Stir in flour, oats, chocolate chips, and nuts/cranberries until just combined. 

3. Drop about 1/4 cup portions onto baking sheet and press down lightly. Bake for about 14 minutes. Allow to cool completely before placing in freezer container. 

Tomorrow we are starting our new school year- I will be teaching 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and chasing my 2 year old. We will be using My Father’s World this year for the first time, and I’m very excited to begin! I will be posting some pictures from our first day tomorrow afternoon. 

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Meal plan and grocery list, July 14-20

Some notes about my menu…

My husband definitely doesn’t appreciate any “weird” foods, so I try to stick to things I know he and the kids will enjoy and foods that are somewhat familiar. I’ve found they are amenable to cauliflower as a substitute for potatoes, pasta, and rice in many dishes. They do not like pizza crust substitutes so I usually make a separate pizza on regular crust. I try not to spend too much money on specialty ingredients; the ones that are included in my menu are the ones I’ve found most helpful and economical.

Breakfast and lunch is usually on your own in our house (my husband eats these meals at work). My oldest makes breakfast for herself and 2 siblings, and they usually are content to eat eggs and toast or yogurt and toast. At lunch, they will usually have quesadillas, pasta, or sandwiches with raw veggies and fruit as sides. I’ve included notes on how I serve dinner to everyone else vs. how I eat- I try to keep it as simple as possible, no separate meals here!

For snacks, I usually rotate between wasa crackers with laughing cow and cucumbers, cookie dough dip, popcorn with nutritional yeast, raw nuts, and chocco pudding. I also have a fat stripping frappa almost every day. My kids like all of these snacks.

Drinks are lemonade or tea sweetened with stevia, GGMS, coffee, and plenty of water.

For eating out, I’ve found that my favorite places are Ruby Tuesday (great salad bar and awesome veggie sides), Logan’s (in-shell peanuts to snack on, yummy steaks and salads, and great veggie skewer side), Cracker Barrel (low carb menu), Wendy’s and Chick fil a.


Breakfast- Protein smoothie.

Lunch- Out (we ate at Jim N Nicks and I had the Pig in the Garden Salad, no croutons, blue cheese dressing- it was great!) (S)

Dinner- Southwest Chicken and Rice Chowder from Stacy Makes Cents (E)


Breakfast- Muffin in a mug (cinnamon, with the cream cheese “frosting” from the book), big dollop of greek yogurt on the side and a few strawberries (S). Coffee with cream.

Lunch- Grilled salmon (light spritz of nonstick spray, no fat), baked sweet potato w/ a teaspoon of butter, cinnamon, and stevia, sliced tomato w/ balsamic vinegar (E)

Dinner- Sloppy joes made from this recipe, tweaked by subbing plain tomato sauce for the ketchup and a dash of stevia powder for the brown sugar. I’ll eat mine on a Joseph’s pita and everyone else will eat them on buns. Serve with a salad and steamed, buttered broccoli (S)


Breakfast- Bowl of fat free greek yogurt mixed with very small amount of finely chopped 85% chocolate, dried unsweetened coconut, and a few chopped raw almonds. Side of strawberries (S). Coffee with cream.

Lunch- Pizza made on Joseph’s pitas (tomato paste, pizza spices, light mozzerella, sliced green peppers), salad w/ balsamic vinegar- FP

Dinner- Breakfast. Gwen’s “S” pancakes topped with homemade berry syrup and greek yogurt, eggs, and bacon (S)


Breakfast- Breakfast burritos with leftover crumbled bacon, eggs, cheese, peppers, onions on low carb tortilla or Joseph’s pita (S)

Lunch- Salmon grilled in coconut oil on a bed of lettuce with plenty of non starchy veggies and balsamic vinegar. (S)

Dinner- Baked teriyaki chicken, tweaked by subbing glucci for corn starch and stevia powder for sugar. I also like to throw in a couple of sliced green peppers to cook with the chicken. Served with brown rice and zucchini and the extra sauce for pouring over rice/veggies (E)


Breakfast- Eggs fried in butter w/ nutritional yeast, strawberries, coffee with cream (S)

Lunch- Gyro made on Joseph’s pita with chicken breast and Gwen’s tzatziki sauce , red onion, tomato. Salad with balsamic vinegar. (FP)

Dinner- “Sponge Bob’s Crabby Patties” from the book, served with macafoni and cheese and salad (S)


Breakfast- Breakfast tiramisu parfait (E), strawberries

Lunch- Out

Dinner- Baked wings w/ homemade buffalo sauce. Served with veggie platter- broccoli, celery, sliced cucumber, and carrots (for everyone else) with ranch or blue cheese.


Breakfast- FP egg scramble made with non starchy veggies, egg beaters, and laughing cow cheese

Lunch- Leftovers

Dinner- Pizza made on golden flatbread (make one on regular crust for rest of the family), salad (S)

Grocery list 

(Some of these are THM pantry staples and you probably already have them- just look through the list and cross off what you don’t need for the week. I’ve made a note beside certain items that I always buy at a specific store because of value.)

Specialty/online only items:

Protein powder


Stevia extract powder


Sandwich buns

Joseph’s pitas

Whole wheat sandwich bread for family


Unsweetened almond milk

1/3 less fat cream cheese


Fat free greek yogurt (Wal-mart brand or Costco)

Heavy cream

Part-skim mozzerella cheese


Cheddar cheese (Sam’s)

Ground beef


laughing cow cheese (Aldi)

Ricotta cheese

Turkey pepperoni

Lunch meat (no sugar or fillers added)

Canned goods:

Can black beans

Chicken broth

Diced tomatoes

Tomato sauce

Dry goods:

Brown rice

Golden flax meal (on the cereal aisle at Wal-mart)

Almonds (Sam’s is the best value I’ve found)

Coconut oil (Costco)

Baking powder

Cocoa powder

Vanilla extract


Balsamic vinegar

Soy sauce

Hot sauce

Ranch or blue cheese dressing

Nutritional yeast (bulk bins at Whole Foods)

Dried unsweetened coconut (bulk bins at Whole foods)

Canned salmon

85% dark chocolate (Aldi)

Light rye wasa crackers

Tea bags (herbal, green, or black. I like Tazo passion)

Apple cider vinegar (raw, with mother)

Lemon juice

Whole wheat pasta for family


Chicken breasts (Aldi)

Chicken wings (Aldi)


Berry mix (Aldi)

Wild caught salmon fillets (Aldi)



Fresh berries

Sweet potatoes



Green peppers

Broccoli (Sam’s)

romaine lettuce (Sam’s)



baby carrots

ginger root

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Yet another blog…

I’ve tried (and failed) to get a blog going a few times in the past, and here I am, trying again. Maybe it’s something about the start of a new school year…? I will be using this blog to document our homeschooling and family adventures as well as my weight loss health improvement journey. At the beginning of June I started following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, and have lost 20 pounds since then- finally, a lifestyle that works for me and doesn’t feel like a sacrifice every day! I will be posting my weekly meal plans as well as recipes here too.

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